EASYWORLD.VISION will set new standards and standards in social commerce. With EASYWORLD.VISION, a platform with decentralized ecosystem developed for the social commerce and D-commerce business. EASYWORLD connects retailers and product manufacturers directly with influencers, bloggers, creators, social sellers and social media users using the latest Blockchain technology and the EASYWORLD TOKENS EAX.
EASYWORLD D-Commerce and Social Commerce on Blockchain
EASYWORLD creates the technological prerequisites with the help of the latest blockchain technology as well as blockchain based software and organizes all processes in the social business.
EASYWORLD Social Commerce
The EASYWORLD D-Commerce engine serves as a technical solution for the EASYWORLD social business ecosystem. Ecosystem participants Product manufacturers, retailers, influencers and social sellers are directly linked. Transparency, archiving and use of all sales-relevant data form the basis for a smooth and cost-efficient ecosystem. This allows a fair and calculable size for the evaluation of influencer and social seller sales performance. Product manufacturers and retailers can access reliable data to plan and successfully execute their campaigns and product launches. Influencers and social sellers get fair pay in real time on their EAX EASYWORLD wallet.
Customers become sellers through the EASYWORLD SCAN & EARN SYSTEM, thus unlocking a previously undiscovered huge potential for revenue generation. For the customer a very lucrative extra income, because already speaks almost daily about his online purchases in his social media, only he deserves nothing. SCAN & EARN a win win system for retail and online customers. Blockchain technology from EASYWORLD.VISION will change the structure of online commerce. The result: new online EASYWORLD business models that will fundamentally rearrange consumer and sales streams.
EASYWORLD StartUp Platform
EASYWORLD is the first Blockchain based platform for startups. People here have the opportunity to invest in selected startup companies with our EAX token and thereby participate in the economic success of the young companies. You can invest in exciting futures such as blockchain, health and environmental technology, biotechnology and fintech. Through the investment with EAX tokens, the investor is involved in the Save Invest Model, which offers him the greatest possible security and highest return. Inventors, creative thinkers and founders often face the challenge of sharing their ideas and attracting investors. The EASYWORLD startup platform will help you just that. We give inventors and founders the opportunity to present their ideas and projects. Through the EASYWORLD community, they receive a lot of public attention and can thus generate a large reach.
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