Scan & Earn
Revolutionary and EASY to handle. Buyers make money through QR code sharing. For every sale on the EASYWORLD platform, each buyer will automatically receive with their invoice their personal SCAN & EARN QR Code / Link for the product they have purchased. If this product is recommended to a friend by sharing this QR Code / Link with them and if there is a purchase, they will receive in real time the commission the product manufacturer has assigned to this QR Code / Link. The buyer gets his commission in EASY tokens on his EASY wallet as soon as the friend (now the buyer) has paid in real time. The EASY QR Code / Link contains all information about the product and the dealer as well as the amount of commission the buyer (now an intermediary through SCAN & EARN) receives.
Are you an active influencer on social media such as youtube, instagram, facebook? You thinking on how to make more money with the work you are doing with your social media? How to connect my social media presence with sales? Working hard by posting day and night, trying to make money. Yet you pay a lot lot of commissions for an intermediary platform to get a campaign of 20 %, 30 %, 40 % up to 50 % or pay high commission to an agent. Not anymore! Easyworld gives you the opportunity to earn significantly more money with your work on your social media. EASYWORLD connect you dirctly with Supplier worldwide through the EASYWORLD Platform. All you have to do is Register on EASYWORLDPlatform to get your own Shop for free.
If you’re a supplier selling your goods online or planning to sell online, you know there are a lot of different platforms. Meet EASYWORLD. We’re unique. It’s the first platform that connects suppliers, influencers, and customers directly through Blockchain technology. We connect you directly with social media influencers worldwide. Influencers are the strongest online marketing tool worldwide and strongest growing marketing resource. 70-percent of all teenage YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of influencers more than of a celebrity and a whopping 86-percent of beauty-related videos on Youtube were created by influencers -- not by the brands. We have developed three important strategies, based on the supplier and influencer marketing our focus is on content marketing. That means selecting products that are relevant to your buyers. We create quality content and combine it with call-to-action offers. Secondly, we specialize in people-centric influencer marketing. Our posts explain why the purchase of a product or a service adds value to the customer’s life. Finally, security. Consumers feel more secure when they buy products through the recommendation of an influencer. Suppliers that wanted to become involved in this marketing channel have traditionally had to reach an influencer personally or through an ad agency – it’s time-consuming. EASYWORLD offers a better and less expensive alternative. All you do is register on EasyWorld.Vision, then add your products. Set your target customer profiles and categories set the commission for the influencers, then contact the ones who are relevant to your products directly. They do the rest of the work. You can track their marketing efforts and sales through the dashboard and measure your return on investment. A second option is called Scan and Earn. You register the products you want to sell to your customers in the EASYWORLD shop. Then set the commission for the scan and earn system. You can track the success of the products sold through Scan and Earn. No matter what product or service you provide, EASYWORLD gives you a risk-free way to have the ever-growing army of digital influencers act as your sales force. Reach a wider audience the easy way. Contact EASYWORLD today.
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