To invest together with other investors - the crowd - in new strong ideas
  • invest from 250 Euro in start-ups and growth companies worldwide.
  • sharing the risk of the investment with multiple investors.
  • participating in inventions and start-up companies that develop sustainable products.
  • benefit in the long term from an exceptional return potential by participating in the economic success of the start-ups.
  • to support young, innovative companies, because it is fun to observe how they grow, create jobs and thus strengthen the economy worldwide and especially in developing countries with unbelievable potential for your profit.
  • to support young, innovative companies.
  • More goes together, cultural change & commitment via crowd. A trend that can change our culture towards more personal responsibility and risk-taking. These driving forces are of great importance for the economic development and social commitment of our society.
  • To date, this form of investment has been reserved for professional venture capitalists. EASYWORLD.VISION now also helps all private investors and companies to invest through EASY CROWDFUNDING in a regulated environment.
  • As an investor, you decide which project you support and in which country.
Your advantages with EASYWORLD.VISION
  • free registration and use
  • exceptional return potential
  • invest as a natural person or with your company (GmbH or UG)
  • Cost savings through standardized contracts and processes
The Participatory Loan

The participatory loan is a special form of loan, "participatory", Latin for "pro rata", in which the investor receives a percentage share of the economic success of the company for his capital. This is why it is also colloquially referred to as participation loans and makes it clear that this is a participation.

In contrast to classic forms of company participation, there is one decisive advantage: the participatory loan does not require a prospectus to be drawn up for a public placement and a sum of over 100,000 euros. This saves considerable time and costs and is therefore ideally suited for start-up crowdfunding.

Overview of your potential returns
  • High returns of up to 20% annually or more
  • bonus interest up to 5 % or more
  • Protection of your investment through EASYTOKEN SECURE is possible
  • Long-term and short-term investments are possible
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