Presentation of the Investment Project
On EASYWORLD.VISION startups can present themselves and investors can interest themselves in the crowd. What is a Startup? Which business ideas are suitable for crowdfunding? You should bring these prerequisites with you:
  • A suitable legal form
  • Head office with address
  • A web page that introduces the startup.
The startup or its founders should have the following characteristics
  • Innovation: The product / service is a real innovation and has clear unique selling propositions
  • The business model is sustainable and can adapt to the market.
  • The founding team has the necessary experience and competencies
  • Proof-of-Concept You can prove that your idea works - e.g. through a prototype or initial sales.
  • Communication: Startups communicate in exchange with investors.
The process
We always look forward to business ideas to present the new exciting projects. We will treat your information confidentially if you send us your application.
    Phase 1
  • Sending Pitch Deck
  • Internal evaluation
  • Detailed documentation
  • Personal meeting
    Phase 2 Funding Preparation
  • Contract
  • Online documents (video, investment story, business plan)
  • Communication work (PR and marketing)
    Phase 3 Funding Start
  • Preview: Video and investment story publication
  • Preview: Publication of business plan and activation
  • Contractual documents (visible to registered users only)
  • Funding Start
    Phase 4 Start of the CROWDFUNDING projects
  • Regular duration: 60 - 90 days (optional: extension for another 60 days)
  • Updates for the crowd
  • Exchange with the crowd
  • Publish first results
The Startup Investment

The investments take the form of a partial subordinated loan. The start-up retains complete freedom of decision, does not sell any voting rights or shares in the company, but enables the investors to participate in the economic success of the company.

Small Investor Protection Act
    In the course of the Small Investor Protection Act, which came into force in July 2015, investments via a crowdfunding platform are subject to the following conditions.
  • Financing rounds with an investment volume of EUR 2.5 million or more are subject to prospectus requirements.
  • Investments of more than 1,000 Euro require a self-disclosure of the investor.
  • Investors have a 14-day withdrawal period.
Follow-up financing
A 2nd financing round at EASYWORLD.VISION is also possible.
Advantages of crowdfunding with EASYWORLD.VISION
  1. Range range through the EASYWORLD.VISION online community
  2. Marketing and Active Advertising for the New Product by EASYWORLD MEMBER
  3. Branding and establishing a new brand on the EASYWORLD platform
  4. Pre-Market-Check: Testing of ideas for market potential by globally active influencers
  5. Sales channel and advance sale of products / services via the EASYWORLD platform
  6. Winning and retaining customers with EASYWORLD Scan&Earn System
EASYWORLD.VISION - Our range of start-ups
    Via the EASYWORLD.VISION platform you can
  • Investors simply invest online already starting from 250 euro in your Startup.
  • Fair conditions. EASYWORLD.VISION receives a fee only if the funding is successful.
  • The administrative effort is kept to a minimum through standardized contracts and processes.
  • Startups can contact investors directly via our communication area.
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